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Shiro Shine Putty

Shiro Wall putty is a white cement based premium skim coat specially developed as finish coat to cover unevenness and pores in plastered surface and to make the walls ready for painting. It contains finest quality minerals, white cement & polymers.

Since it is white, it can be treated as a base coat for painting. It is more durable to the external corrosive environment due to its lime - free quality. A textured finish can also be obtained by use of brush or steel trowel (patra finish).
Additives : Water soluble polymers to improve consistency, workability, water retention, adhesion and reduce shrinkage cracks.
  • Clean loose particles, dirt, grease and traces of foreign materials from the surface, if necessary by using sand paper.
  • For loose plaster areas, remove the defective material and re plaster the area.
  • Take the required Quantity of shiro putty in a bucket. Add 300-400 ml of clean water by volume per kg of material to prepare paste of good consistency.
  • Stir continuously by using an electric mixer or by hand obtain homogenous lump - free paste and allow it to stand for 10 min for the additives to dissolve.
  • Re-mix again for about 2 min. use the mix within 90 min.
  • Dampen the surface to be plastered with clean water.
  • Using a steel trowel / blade, apply the mix to the thickness of 1 mm.
  • Level and smoothen the surface.
  • Apply the second coat after the first coat has fully dried and set.
  • Dampen the surface before applying second coat
  • Smoothen with a steel trowel and sand paper if so desired.
  • 3 Days mist curing required.
  • Good Workability.
  • Ease of use at site.
  • Suitable for interior surface.
  • Excellent white smooth finish
  • Excellent bonding to the base plaster / concrete.
  • Scratch resistant / water resistant / UV resistant.
  • Reduction in cracking.
  • Can be used on new as well as old walls / ceilings.

Shiro Shine Putty is available in 20kg & 40kg, PP Bags with liner provided inside. Storage life is 6 months from the date of manufacture under standard storage conditions in s shaded and dry place.


Coverage given for all products are appropriate & are given for general guidance. It is assumed that all standard civil engineering practices shall be adopted for application of the plaster.