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Shiro Grey Instant Putty

Shiro Grey Instant Putty is a high quality, water - resistant, grey cement-based skim coat plaster for finishing interior walls and ceilings. It contains finest quality minerals, grey cement & polymers. The grey instant putty is a finishing plaster which is applied immediately in semi-wet condition of plaster.

Additives : Water soluble polymers to improve consistency, workability, water retention, adhesion and reduce shrinkage cracks.
Surface Prepation
  • Clean base by removing dust, loose particles, grease, paint and traces of foreign material.
  • Material is to be applied within 4 hours from plastering.
Mixing :
  • Add Shiro Grey Instant Putty products in a bucket containing clean water.
  • It is always advisable to start with a stiffer mix and gradually add more water as required.
  • Mix thoroughly and allow the mixture to stand for 10 min for additives to dissolve.
Applicaion :
  • Apply the Grey Instant Putty manually with a steel trowel or spatula.
  • For thicker applications the layer underneath must be dry.
  • 5-7 Days Mist Curing is recommended for better results.
Advantages :
  • The Grey finish provides a better smooth and clean surface.
  • Because of cement based products, it has good adhesion on please surface.
  • Flaking of paint is reduced.
  • Reduces labour cost.
Features :
  • Excellent bonding to the base plaster.
  • Scratch resistant / water resistant / UV resistant.
  • Reduction in cracking.
Remarks :

Shiro Grey Instant Putty should be applied immediately in semi - wet condition of the plaster.

Packing Storage :

Shiro Grey Instant Putty is available in 20kg & 40kg, PP Bags with liner provided inside. Storage life is 6 months from the date of manufacture under standard storage conditions in s shaded and dry place.


Coverage given for all products are appropriate & are given for general guidance. It is assumed that all standard civil engineering practices shall be adopted for application of the plaster.