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SHIRO CRACK FILLER  is a white cement based CRACK FILLER specially developed to cover unevenness, pores, hair line cracks, Plaster Cracks upto 5-7 mm in plastered surfaces. It is more durable to the external corrosive environment due to its lime-free quality. Meant for Plastered cracks. Do not apply on structural or joint cracks.



  • Open the crack and widen the crack to form a V shaped groove, this will provide a strong base for adhesion
  • Clean and Dampen the surface to be filled with clean water
  • Allow excess water to drain off.
  • Using a steel trowel apply the mix to the thickness of 3-4 mm
  • Press the paste firmly into the crack and level the surface.
  • Level and smoothen the surface spread 3 cm on either sides of the crack
  • Apply the second coat after the first coat has fully dried and set (minimum 6 hours).
  • The thickness of each coat should not exceed 3-4 mm and the total thickness of all the coats should not exceed 5-7 mm.
  • Smoothen with a steel trowel
  • Sand paper if so desired
  • Mist Curing may be done for 2-3 days for better Results
  • Further finishing like POP or Putty can be taken once the coat is fully dried


  • Good workability
  • East of use at site
  • Suitable for interiors as well as exteriors
  • Consistent work quality
  • Excellent bonding to base plaster
  • Reduces Expansion of cracks
  • We also Manufacture Grey cement Based crack filler
  • Because it is not possible to give specific instructions for the various conditions or control the applications ,the information on this technical data sheet is for general guidance only.